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You only need to look around the web and there are literally hundreds of web sites with questions for your wedding photographer.

Whilst it is impossible to answer everything, I thought I would provide a few of the more popular questions and answers to those here.

What packages do you have?
I do try to keep things simple.  I offer a main single package that covers your full day from bridal prep (usually from 2 hours before the ceremony) up to the first couple of dances.

Albums can be added to that and there is such a wide choice of style and size, I always suggest meeting and viewing samples so you have exactly the look, style, size and feel you want. We all like different things and I can offer a wide range of album choice.

How many hours coverage do you provide?
I don't charge for overtime but generally my time starts a couple of hours before the ceremony and lasts until the first 2 or 3 dances.

I can however offer a slightly reduced rate for wedding coverage under 4 hours.

What happens if you are sick or you have an emergency?
I often get asked this question.  Potential clients are right to ask.  I am a member of a society with a large network of photographers who can provide backup for each other. I am also friendly with many local photographers and we all provide backup for each other where available (I have covered for others before).

Are you insured?
Another question I often get asked and another vital question. 
I am insured for both professional liability and public indemnity.

What camera equipment do you have?
I have Canon professional DSLR cameras and lenses.  I shoot with two full frame Canon cameras (back-ups are vital) and I also have a number of lenses covering wide to telephoto coverage.  My lenses are top of the range suitable for shooting in any situation.

Do you use any lighting Equipment?
I also use a number of speedlights and work with Elinchrom's professional lighting equipment to create shots that will add drama and wow to your day. This equipment allows me to shoot no matter the situation and still provide beautiful images.

Can I give you a shot list?
A shot list is very useful to provide detail for the group shots.  I will provide you with (around 4 weeks prior to your wedding day) a spreadsheet where you can detail the image list you want.  I usually try to keep that limited to around 12-15 group shots due to timing but it's your day and you can have what you would like.

I do not require a shot list for anything else - only the formal group shots - although if you have specific requirements these can be added and usually catered for.

Have you shot at my venue before?
A professional photographer doesn't need to see your venue before the wedding day.  They can quickly assess the light on the day and will spot suitable locations to shoot the formal images very quickly. I have however shot at many wedding venues.  The internet is also a fantastic resource these days and we can check apps that advise on the light direction and weather well in advance of your day so we are well prepared.

Can I see a portfolio of your work?
Absolutely yes.  Whilst most photographers will show their best work online you really should ask to see a whole wedding that they have shot.  I can provide access to a gallery and you can see the standard of my work from start to finish.  You should always ask a photographer to see their work.

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