Hamilton Portrait Session with Holly

The weekend saw me travel to Hamilton Palace grounds with a friend of mine (Paul Davies – not related) to take some images of his friend’s daughter – the beautiful Holly.

We have tried to arrange this for some time and at last we all got together.  Holly was the perfect model and really enjoyed the short session we had there.

A very strange thing happened though.  About 18 months ago whilst in the same spot I lost a small metal key card that locks my Quantum flash battery into one of my flash units – This is just a small rectangular  plate about half the size of a credit card if folded long ways. (see image left). As the battery pack is no longer made these are very hard to get a hold of and I was down to my only one.

In that 18 months though we’ve had a number of storm force winds, deep snow, heavy rain and people walking all over the area!  So when we arrived on Sunday and as I put my reflector and bag down in the spot I’d used before I was amazed to see my locking plate sitting exactly where I’d left it! A little scratched but otherwise fine. 🙂 So I now have a spare plate again!

Anyway, Sunday evening turned out quite a nice evening – although it got a little nippy. Holly was the perfect model and she did fantastic for first time having her photograph taken.


A few of the images are shown below. Hope you like.

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