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It’s always nice to get some photography practice in. Keeps me on my game and also allows me to try new things.  Today I had Lauren, my friend’s daughter, over for a portrait session in my Home Studio.

Training is something all photographers should consider.  Without training, any bad habits we pick up will never be corrected and any recurring errors we make will never be noted.  Also our photography will never progress to the next level.  There are always ways to make things better and having taken up a continuous development course, with multi award-winning photographer Damian McGillicuddy, it really has made me think more about my photography and style.  Todays session was a mix of homework (for my next training session) and trying out some new equipment that I’d bought some time ago – namely coloured gels!

I bought the gels a while ago and I’ve not really had the chance to use them yet – but so wish I had!  The images from todays session turned out fantastic (well I think so) and shows that the development training is already paying dividends in the quality of work I’m producing.

Here are a few favourites from todays session. I hope you like them.

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